The seminar is designed to help couples successfully navigate the transition from engagement to a solid new marriage.  It is designed to be of use to couples who have already decided to live together, for couples when preparing for a second marriage and for those who are not co-habiting as yet.

Based on clinical research into why some marriages fail and others succeed, this seminar provides a pre-marital workshop or webinar and on–line support for couples (telephone and internet) up to the end of the first year of marriage. An optional follow-up, Well Couple Check-Up, is also available to couples at a substantially discounted cost.

As a participant in the The Marriage Preparation Program you will have the comfort of knowing that you have access to qualified, professional marriage therapists who will support you during the crucial formative months of your marriage.

Partners will primarily work with each other throughout the seminar. A variety of educational methods will be employed, including couple discussion, experiential exercises, and skill practice.

The optional Well Couple Check-Up, is a clinical interview between couple and therapist arranged at the convenience of the couple between six and eighteen months after their wedding.


The seminars are held on a Saturday.  They begin at 9.00 am  on the Saturday morning and continue until 4.30 pm.   Locations for upcoming events are listed on this site. (Click on the Registration button to see the schedule)

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