The Marriageprep webinar is an online educational resource designed for couples who will not be able to physically attend one of our seminars.  It offers the same content as the seminar and can be accessed by a couple individually or together in same or different locations, from anywhere the world wide web is available.  

When you register for this course, you will receive an e mail with your access code number.  This will allow you to enter the course, individually or together.  You will have 30 days to complete the program.  The program consists of ten sessions each with an audio visual component as well as .pdf documents you can open with a click and read or even print out.

The most important part of the online course is your own interaction as a couple about the subjects raised in the course.  If you are close by to each other, you can schedule an hour to sit down together, plug in to the course with your access code and complete a session or two.  A progress bar on your course page will track how far along you are in the course.

If you are physically apart, for instance, living in different countries, you can each access the program, complete a session and then share your documents or thoughts by e mail or Skype or iChat.

When you have completed all ten sessions you will receive a hand written, Certificate of Completion by mail. This pre marriage program is approved by most Clergy for the requirements of  marriage preparation.  Check with your own minister before signing up.

If you are recently married and would like a check up for your relationship, this online program can also be very helpful to married couples or those who have been living together for a time.


If you have any questions about the online course, please contact us at Brian@Humanitas.ca

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