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Our program will provide you with up to date information, about why some marriages succeed and others fail, and about how to build a satisfactory, stable relationship.  It is based on the research and experience of well known experts such as John Gottman Ph.D., David Burns M.D., Susan Johnson Ph.D., Daniel Siegel M.D. and is presented by Brian Murray M.Div., R.M.F.T.


This program is the equivalent of a productive, 7 hour conversation about your hopes, expectations and dreams as you prepare for marriage.


As a couple, you will share in program activities designed to engage you in increasing your mutual understanding of each other, through a combination of expert presentation, couple dialogue and group interaction.  The workshop is a lively, informal and fun way to learn.

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The Seminar
The Webinar

The Seminar takes place from 9:00am to 4:30pm Saturday.

Fee per couple -$160 (plus HST )

Dress is casual and we will supply all materials you will need for the seminar.

You are 'on your own' for lunch on Saturday and we will provide enough time for you to find a place to eat.  

Courses are usually held in the greater Toronto area. Please review the course schedule for dates and locations.

For a list of upcoming Seminars, click here.


The Webinar is designed for couples who may be away or unable to attend in person. You will need a computer with audio.

Fee per couple -$160 (plus HST )

The Webinar is pre recorded so that you can use it at your convenience and timing.

It involves a combination of slide presentation with lots of handouts for you to download and use together.

A high-speed internet connection is recommended.

For a list of upcoming Webinars, click here